GMB Solarglas SINA


The microstructure of GMB solar glass SINA is characterised by specially designed forming rollers on both glass surfaces. The surface of SINA is a non-geometrically aligned structure with a typical roughness height (Rz) of approx. 15 μm (taken from a measuring length of 15 mm). The structure demonstrates a high “density” (number of bumps and holes per unit of length) in order to limit direct reflection and hence reduce dazzling to a minimum. The consistent appearance of the glass is guaranteed in so far as the reflection characteristics of the glass are constantly monitored in our in-house laboratory and corrected as appropriate.









GMB Solarglas CONE


The pyramidal structure CONE is a geometrical, one-sided structure (see diagram) and forms the interface to the composite material (e.g. EVA) which encloses the solar cell. The second surface has the same microstructure as with GMB solar glass SINA. The pyramidal structure is no longer visible after lamination into the PV module. 













Table of technical data



 Dimensions width [mm]; length [mm]

 dimensions raw glass

 200 – 2200; 200 – 3300

 dimensions tempered glass

 500 – 1650; 700 – 3000


 2.0 mm ‐ 6.0 m



Photovoltaic (c-Si)

300 nm -1200 nm (AM 1.5)

Solar transmission

3.2 mm


Solar transmission

4.0 mm


> 91.8 %

> 91.8 %


> 91.8 %

> 91.8 %


> 91.8 %

> 91.8 %




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